Development Services

  • Turn-key Hotel Development & Project Management
  • Hotel Brand Selection, Plan Review & Concept Development
  • Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
  • Installing FF&E
  • Hotel Property Acquisition
  • Coordination of Licenses, Permits & Code Compliance
  • In-house Development
  • Hotel Construction Services
  • Hotel Renovation Services
  • Cost Plan
  • Build Mock Up Rooms
  • Asset Registration
  • Warehouse Build
  • Factory Audit
  • Vendor Pre-Qualificatio
Export Fruit & Vegetables

We have heavily invested in agricultural industry | Also we have several buyback guarantee contracts with farmers.

Fish Export is Our Main Industry

We are based in the Maldives to find you the best deals for world's top quality Tuna and other Sea-Foods

Bulk Purchase, Wholesale & Retail

We do bulk purchases on behalf of our clients and deliver them in consolidated cargoes. Our storage facilities are open for you in major cities of the world

Financial Services

Our investors are here to take any risks until the goods reach to your doorsteps