Collection of Bags

The plastic woven bag

 is composed of polypropylene bag and polyethylene bag according to the main materials; according to the sewing method, it is divided into bottom bag and seam

Side bottom bag. At present, it is widely used as a packaging material for articles such as food bags, fertilizers and chemical products. Its main production workers

 is to use plastic raw materials to extrude film, cut, uniaxially stretch into flat yarn, and weave through warp and weft to obtain products

, Commonly known as woven bags.

food bag
Food Bags
rice bags 1
Rice Bags
f bag
Fertilizer Bags

[Product color] There are many colors of woven cloth to choose from

[Product material] PP PE OPP pearlescent film matt film and all kinds of compound film cover light.

[Minimum order quantity] About 5,000 ordinary woven bags and about 10,000 color printing bags. Specific in negotiation

【Price】 Specifically depends on customer requirements and product specifications, quantity and price.

[Specifications] Bags of different sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

【Explanation of Edition Fee】

1. If it is ordinary printing, the quantity above 10,000 can be exempted from making edition. If the layout is too complicated, it can be collected properly.

2. If it is an offset printing plate, the edition fee charged by color is generally about 80 yuan to 130 yuan.

3. If it is a color-printed page, the edition fee is also charged by color. If it does not reach the guaranteed price, it will be charged according to the guaranteed price. Generally, the guaranteed price is between 230 and 280 yuan, which is also charged according to the changes of the making company and the materials

【Delivery period】

1. If the color printing bag is made for the first time, it usually takes 5-7 days to make the version. If it is processed, it is 3-5 days in the off-season. The peak season is 7-12 days.

2. If it is an ordinary printing and processing period, it is generally 3-5 days. 3. If it is a paper bag, it usually takes about 7 days. If the customer requires more urgent time, it can be negotiated.

[Shipping method] Generally, the delivery is through logistics. Please refer to the shipping instructions at the bottom of the page.

[Printing process] LOGO can be printed for customers, the printing process is screen printing, offset printing, color printing.

【Product Usage】 Supermarket shopping, mall shopping, cement, feed, fertilizer, chemical products, engineering plastics, cement plant, fertilizer plant, rice flour plant, putty powder plant, paint plant and other major manufacturers and individuals.

【Ad Performance】 Can be used repeatedly as a woven bag and publicity.

[Performance advantages] Woven bags also have high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, easy stacking, not easy to fall off, slightly breathable, flat surface, reduced damage, good finish, good hand feel, novel and beautiful, reduced freight, low price, economic It has the advantages of good efficiency, repeated use many times, good environmental protection, etc. Adapt to various packaging and transportation environments, due to the role of composite membrane, moisture resistance is good. The multi-belt hem is made to improve the sewing strength of the upper and lower mouths, and the heat-sealed bottom is adopted to meet the higher moisture-proof requirements, and PE inner film high-pressure or low-pressure bags can also be added.

[Processing range] It can provide semi-finished products processing, woven bag upper edge curling, alignment, bottom edge, single-fold or double-fold edge sealing, upper and lower paper strip printing edge sealing. Oral sewing cloth labels and other special packaging.

Fine Woven
Smooth Finishing
Virgin Material

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