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Gym & Fitness Equipments

Your Guide to Gym Equipment

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  • Weight Training

    Weightlifting equipment are referred to tools which are used during exercises that include include lifting weights to pump up muscles, some of the examples are barbells, weight bench, dumbells, etc.

  • Cross Training

    Crossfit is that branch of exercise which concentrates on overall fitness level, that includes weight training + cardiovascular training at the same time. Hence improving strength, stamina and endurance all at once.

  • Cardio Machine

    Cardio equipment refers to machines that are used for cardiovascular exercise like running, stair climbing, boat rowing, etc. Cardio Vascular exercises increases heart rate and thus burns fat fast. They are great tools to loose weight. There are high end cardio machines available in market that tracks and control your activity. Popular cardio brands include Life Fitness, Precor, Rogue, etc.

  • Yoga Equipments

    Yoga is the way of life for many since ages. If you are new to the Yoga world you need to know how to get best from your Yoga sessions.

  • Support and Protection...

    Your body experience wear and tear especially in joints. To help you keep going and lifting weights there are support and protection accessories available in the market

  • Massage Tools

    These are hard rollers with foam over them for self-massage. They are good for back massage as well as thighs massage. For back massage user have to lie on it with roller under the back and move to and forth. Foam massage rollers help in speeding up of muscle recovery and relieve muscle sorenes.

  • Gym Ball

    You must have seen various types of balls in the gym. Each one of those are there for a specific purpose. They have different uses. But most of them are used to increase stability and balancing the core.

  • Fitness Gadgets

    Fitness gadgets are a must have for serious fitness enthusiasts and professionals. They are vital in terms of analyzing your current body state, your physical activity, heart rate, calorie, sleep monitoring, etc. These devices record and collect these vital stats so that you know where to concentrate your workout.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items